Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, a business term or organization, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation

In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is very much necessary for any organization especially for services orientated organization.

It’s very much difficult to achieve customer satisfaction for an individuals or organizations. Nobody or organization can 100% satisfy their customers. Satisfaction depends on many factors, to describe customer satisfaction at first I will have think about customers and their need, want and demand.

A customer, also client, buyer or purchaser is usually used to refer to a current or potential buyer or user of the products of an individual or organization, mostly called the supplier or seller. This is typically through purchasing or renting goods or services.

A need is something that is necessary for humans to live a healthy life. Needs are distinguished from wants because a deficiency would cause a clear negative outcome, such as dysfunction or death. Needs can be objective and physical, such as food and water, or they can be subjective and psychological, such as the need for self-esteem.

In economics, a want is something that is desired. It is said that people have unlimited wants, but limited resources. Each person has wants. You might want a laptop while your best friend may want a desktop computer. Thus, people cannot have everything they want and must look for the best alternatives which they can afford.

Wants are often distinguished from needs. A need is something that is necessary for survival (such as food and shelter), whereas a want is simply something that a person would like to have. Some economists have rejected this distinction and maintain that all of these are simply wants, with varying levels of importance.

In economics, demand is the desire to own something and the ability to pay for it. The term demand signifies the ability or the willingness to buy a particular commodity at a given point of time. Demand is also defined elsewhere as a measure of preferences that is weighted by income.

If I see the customer of mobile phone operators (see mobile operators of grameenphone). The customers who are engage with corporate level organization they prefer to use grameenphone’s “business solution” for some special feature and they are satisfied to use this. but the customers who are engage with individual businesses they prefer to use grameenphone’s “xplore postpaid” for some special feature and they are satisfied to use this. Service holder usually likes to use ”prepaid“ package of grameenphone. Young generation particularly students are like to use”djuce“of grameenphone.

Customer age is another fact of satisfaction. Most of the baby’s are satisfied to get candy, young satisfied to get Ice cream, old person satisfied to get another things.

Location and culture is the another fact of customer satisfaction, so to get customer satisfaction we will have to thing above details of customer.

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